Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are services by "sehat karwan" available?

Our services are available all over Pakistan at any location with access to internet and mobile/telephone service. Before you avail services by “sehat karwan”, you need to fill a form and provide your contact number.

Is internet necessary to avail your services?

Good internet service is required to contact us.

Is mobile/telephone service necessary?

We contact through call, so good mobile/telephone service is a necessity.

How much a consultation costs?

The prices vary for every doctor but the cost is not much high. Our doctors give ample time to their patients.

How a doctor is selected?

We conduct a selection process before doctor is hired for our platform. Our doctors are highly qualified and competent, they are given proper training before they start consulting patients.


Does the health care provider prescribe medication to their consumers?

Our consultants and doctors provide you with prescription according to your signs and symptoms.

How to choose a doctor?

To choose a doctor you need to visit “DOCTORS” section and select a practitioner you need to hire.

How to choose a service?

To choose your required service, you have to click on “our services”.

Does your forum provide other services apart from medical doctors?

After you visit “our services”, you will get options of all medical facilities including; lab tests, ambulance service, nurse facility, physiotherapists and doctor consultation.

Can an appointment be booked?

You can book an appointment with the doctor you need. We will connect you to that doctor and you will be given an appointment as per doctor’s and physiotherapist’s schedule.

What happens if my unhappy with the services?

Soon the consultation ends, you will be provided with a feedback. The feedbacks are monitored by a moderator and steps will be taken to satisfy you next time.

The information I provide, how do I know that it's safe?

We do not breach patient’s privacy. We are highly concerned about the privacy of our consumers. The information you provide gets encrypted.