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Sehat Karwan is a Karwan (tribe) for those who needs best medical services with ease. As Referral system in Pakistan is not of quality. Patients suffer a lot during the process of finding a good consultant in each particular medical domain and top of that there are times when that consultant refer the patient to another consultant. So the patient, who is already suffering from disease, has to endure this tiresome process again and again and the cycle does not stop. Sehat Karwan will be providing a platform where countries will be connected and patients will be able to tackle their problems with the help of one call. This platform will be providing following;

  • Best consultants.
  • Experience staff.
  • Online network for Practitioners.
  • Online appointments.
  • Comfortable clinic.
  • Personalized treatment.
  • Certified fitness trainer.
  • Fitness guidelines.
  • Licensed Therapists.
  • Laboratory arrangements.
  • Medicine availability.
  • Medicine delivery.
  • Record of every patient with proper privacy.

Apart from that Sehat Karwan has a team of doctors, physical therapists, nurses and laboratory operators.

Medical Team:

We had on board 15 male doctors and 15 female doctors, 3 psychologists, 3 nurses, 3 male physical therapists, 4 female physical therapists, 1 laboratory and 1 pharmacy.

Among these doctors we have plastic surgeon, gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, laparoscopic surgeon, urologist, medical specialist, general surgeon, ENT Specialist, gynecologist, pediatrist and neurologist.


Aim of Sehat Karwan:

The aim of technology is to benefit human being by making his life full of comfort and providing best available services.

So the purpose of Sehat Karwan is no more different.

Sehat Karwan wants to bring all medical domains on one page so that patient could be benefited.

Sehat Karwan will be bringing pathology department, medical department, nursing department, paramedic department and physiotherapy department on one single board.  With the help of each one people will have benefit of maintaining their health up to date around the globe?

Online appointments:

Why not we benefit ourselves from technology and save our time by taking online appointments and to avoid the tiring process of finding a good consultant from different medical fields?

We can call once and make an appointment for our patients.


Online checkups:

Sehat Karwan is giving facility of online checkup as well. Doctor could give online opinion on call regarding patient’s disease.  This is the technology of modern world which Sehat Karwan is trying to enhance in our country and all over the world.


SDG 3 as Sehat Karwan motto:

WHO has issued SDG 3 that promote healthy lives and wellbeing for the people of all age groups.

We believe in the well being for all people in the society because when the people are healthy then society is healthy as well and only a healthy society can work further for the fulfillment of sustainable development goals.


Sehat Karwan is all you need in digital era:

The services we provide is all based on the modern civilization techniques because one cannot ignore the importance of digital era. When the world demands so we have to make arrangements in order to fulfill to current scenarios.

Online treatment, online consultations, opinions, laboratory tests, medicines, medical equipment and its delivery all are present in your range.

Merging of medical field in technology:

By merging medical field with the modern technology we could welcome digital world in our lives in a true sense.

Technology as per definition provides its services to the mankind and the sole purpose of medical profession is the same. So by combining these two domains one can imagine how much mankind will be benefited.

Say welcome to digital age and click on Sehat Karwan:

Do not worry about your health and the hazards associated with it, just make a call to our website and you can find the mix of medicine, conservative treatment to the diseases, therapies for your conditions, fitness for your expanding tummy and lab setups for your samples. We provide all in one services and if you want we could provide it at your door step.


Nadia Bibi Sarwar


Nadia Bibi Sarwar the CEO and founder of Sehat Karwan. She is a medical graduate, a blogger, entrepreneur, influencer & a public speaker.

Shumaila Khan

Project Director

Shumaila Khan is a project director of Sehat Karwan. Being unique in her nature she always come up with new ideas and help flourish this platform with her skills.

Sadia Rambail

Graphic Designer

All the colorful graphics you see is brought to you by Sadia Ranbail and Ammar Shafi While Agha Mohammad Mustafa experts in digital marketing.

Gul Andama

Content Writer

Behind all the content you read is one name Gul Andama. She is a skillful writer who plays magic with her words. She is a physical therapist, debater and poetess.

Agha Mustafa

Digital Marketing