Telehealth in Pakistan Helped 6000+ Patients during lockdown – Sehat Karwan and InstaCare Corona Response Unit

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After the COVID-19 Outbreak in the country, the supply chain has become a major challenge for the public as well as the government. From food items to medicines, everything is becoming difficult to access due to lockdown. Meanwhile, @Sehat Karwan and InstaCare came forward with an initiative called #CoronaResponseUnit – ICRU to help people by making healthcare services accessible and efficient. The platform has made online doctor checkup possible at your home by the use of telehealth in Pakistan.

We are also taking online medicine orders with free delivery across Pakistan. You can even request an online lab test booking with free home sampling services through the platform. For the people who are concerned about medical issues during the pandemic, you can avail of free telehealth in Pakistan. So now lets discuss what is ICRU.

What is Corona Response Unit – ICRU?
When COVID-19 Strikes Pakistan, 12 team members at @Instacare and @sehatkarwan volunteer themselves to help the country to make healthcare remain accessible even in the hard times. While the company was closely studying the global as well as local stats so it was very much obvious that Pakistan will have to embrace lockdown in order to save lives but Team was planning how to deliver care at doorstep during such time.

Response unit that was started with 12 members started spreading all over Pakistan when some amazing doctors, organizations and healthcare workers joined the unit. Doctors from all 4 provinces volunteer themselves for this great cause. Organizations such as Insta Care, ElajZone , Khyber Medical University (KMU), Pathodont Clinics and Akram Medical Complex played a vital role to provide relief to the patients anytime anywhere with telemedicine.

In just 10 days after the announcement of ICRU Free Services, People started responding. The response was massive so InstaCare called more volunteer doctors and medical students. Today ICRU is a family of 300+ People serving the nation with their best capabilities, following stats explains the progress of our team’s 10 days efforts: (picture attached)
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