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Aged individuals and terminally ill  patients find it hard to visit hospital for their routine checkup or for follow up examination and treatment sessions; they are in constant need of checkups but cannot be admitted as inpatients in hospital because they do not fall in inpatient category. Also there are some patients who avoid going to hospital for their treatment sessions either they are too busy or they want their treatment to be done at home. Apart from them there are patients who are not too old but their condition do not allow them to continue follow up sessions in hospitals or clinic. They need home based facility which can make them get their treatment at home.

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitative treatment towards patients who suffer any trauma either muscular skeletal trauma or neurological trauma that needs to be treated by physiotherapist for example post operative rehabilitation of orthopedic surgery  and neuro rehabilitation after stroke. Babies born with congenital abnormalities affecting normal function of their muscles and joints and also babies who had neuro developmental delay disorders like cerebral palsy; need attention of a physiotherapist. To solve this purpose Sehat Karwan brings the facility of ‘’Physiotherapy at home by sehat karwan’’.

Sehat Karwan home based physiotherapy services are available for everyone in Peshawar and anyone could dial the toll number 0317 97 97 297 anytime 24/7. You can book appointment through WhatsApp, text message and call.

Sehat Karwan has best physiotherapists in Peshawar who are well qualified and working in a well reputed institutions. The physiotherapist’s team include gold medalists and competent doctors of physical therapy who also provide their services at home.

Sehat Karwan is providing best physiotherapy services in Peshawar because the physiotherapists we have are graduated from well reputed university and also our team chose the gold medalists who are part of famous hospitals and universities. All physiotherapists are well trained and have full command on their skills with which they treat all the patients. Since now we received no complain regarding our services in the domain of physiotherapy. We have very good reviews for our physiotherapists who are part of our home based physiotherapy services.

Sehat Karwaan female and male physiotherapists are part of the team because many patients who are females prefer female physiotherapists because of the ethical and ethnical issues. Also male physiotherapists are available who treat both female and male patients with much zeal and responsibility. Our physiotherapists provide their services with great accountability and all the patients are satisfied with our services. We provide quality services and physiotherapy at home by sehat karwan is a great initiative. People are benefited in a million ways. The horrific torture of hospitals visits for physical therapy session that too for a person who already needs rehabilitation was a challenge for many of us. Home visits solved the problem to greater extent. Apart from that traffic issue in Peshawar, Pakistan is becoming a nightmare for ill patients who has to visit hospital twice weekly. In such scenario sehat karwan home based physiotherapy services are to rescue.

You only need to dial our customer care number and our respondent will provide you with your desired physical therapy service. Our physiotherapists will reach at your door step and will provide rehabilitative services in the comfort of your own home.

Home based medical services by sehat karwan is a break through in the health sector of Peshawar, Pakistan. There are people who prefer to keep their women inside home when they are having pregnancy or any other disease. Pathans are usually conservative regarding their women so they keep them inside home not allowing them to go and pay visit to doctor. Women suffer from disease or pain but they are bound no to leave house. So in such extreme cases sehat karwan acts as a rescue. Just make a call and make an appointment with young doctors and physiotherapists to get services at home.

Do not worry it is 21st century and everything is possible with the help of technology. No need to suffer at your homes while waiting for your condition to be stable a bit so that you can pay visit to your therapist because sehat karwan is providing best physical therapy services in Peshawar.

If you are suffering from any musculoskeletal disorder or you have any bone degenerating disease or you have suffered a lethal stroke and now your body needs rehabilitation so do not worry, you are welcome to call us any time and you could hire any physiotherapist for home visit if you or your patient is not able to pay visit to a clinic. They will heal you without medicine; they will give you plenty of their time and will make you able to participate in your daily living like a normal healthy person.

If you are bed ridden then you need regular physiotherapist visits so that they could prevent you from developing pressure ulcers, contractures and DVT. To solve all these  problem Sehat karwan female and male physiotherapists are ready to serve you at your door step once you make a call.

With all these home based medical services by sehat karwan the population of Peshawar will have an easy and safe access to medical facilities in their homes. These services are for every citizen and everyone has equal right to have access to their desired health facility.

No need to rush, no need to worry, no need to suffer from anxiety and no need to make your patients undergo further deterioration because sehat karwan is trying its best to make things easy for you by providing physiotherapy services by best physiotherapists at your own door steep, in the comfortable environment of your own home and in the presence of your loved ones.

Dial  0317 97 97 297 now and book your appointment to solve all your bony and muscular problems in your home, so that you could fly with the prosthesis in your leg when you are not in your home.

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Nadia Bibi Sarwar is a freelance writer, speaker and founder of Sehat Karwan, an online service designed to facilitate the patients following ailments and local emergencies immediately. She is also working in person for women empowerment to give females the confidence to speak out for their rights, free them out from this reckoned male dominating society and to change the worn out customs of the society. She is a member of Global Shaper Peshawar Hub. She has been invited as a speaker nationally and internationally and spent her life in social and youth sector, serving the cream people of the nation. She won several leadership awards. She is the first Pakistani to win Best Speaker Award in Asia Pacific Future leader conference 2017 among 300 delegates from 30 different countries. She has a Doctorate degree from Khyber Medical University and bachelor’s degrees in Science from Hazara University Mansehra.

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