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Sehat karwan is providing home based medical services to the people of Peshawar, Pakistan through telecommunication system. Sehat karwan is trying to make things easy for the public and is trying to bring every single health personnel towards a single platform for the service and ease of its people. If you are having any sort of problem regarding your health you can simply make a call dial a number 0317 97 97 297 and book an appointment with a physician, surgeon or therapist according to your need.

Apart from doctors and practitioners many wish to have access to such platform who provide nursing care and for that purpose home based nursing services by sehat karwan is helping people of Peshawar in finding a good nurse to care for their patients at their own home. These nurses are available to every individual of the town and we have both male and female nurses who are ready to serve their patients at homes. Sehat karwan has best nursing services in Peshawar and the nurses are well qualified having lot of experience in their relevant field.

There are patients who are bed ridden and who needs nursing services at their bed side. Many developed country has home based nursing facilities for their patients in order to facilitate them to the extreme range. Every develop country try to make health system and treatment easy for the patients because patients are already worn out from disease and they need some facilitation specially elders who need 24/7 care for which most of the family members are unable to care accordingly. To solve this problem sehat karwan is giving nursing facilities for elders.

Referral system in Pakistan is not of quality. Patients suffer a lot during the process of finding a good consultant in each particular medical domain and top of that there are times when that consultant refer the patient to another consultant. So the patient, who is already suffering from disease, has to endure this tiresome process again and again and the cycle does not stop. One must wish their medicines to be present at door step.

In order to facilitate patients of Peshawar further our forum is facilitating home based medical services by sehat karwan in according to provide them with best available services so that public can get every type of medical facility with single call in the comfort of their home. Either one needs consultation from their particular consultant/doctor they can find one and can get their treatment on the call and when they are prescribed with medicines then if you want, we can provide those medicine at your door step. You don’t need to go out just make a call, discuss with your doctor and get your prescription and medicines at your door. Besides that if you need any blood or stool sample to be tested; our lab technologist and nurses will go to your home, then they will collect your sample and will deliver the test result to your home. In this way you got all the medical related facilities which includes consultation, diagnosis, diagnostics test result, treatment plan and medicine delivery inside your home without taking a single step out of your home. In these circumstances you will get best home based medical services in Peshawar with the help of sehat karwan.

In today’s world people are desperate to have an access to such platform where they can benefit themselves in all medical domains, having an opportunity to gain services from every medical personnel at their door step.

Sehat Karwan will be providing a platform where patients will be able to tackle their problems with the help of one call. This platform will be providing following;

  • Licensed Therapists.
  • Best consultants.
  • Experience staff.
  • Online network for Practitioners.
  • Online appointments.
  • Comfortable clinic.
  • Personalized treatment.
  • Certified fitness trainer.
  • Fitness guidelines.
  • Therapy goals.
  • Laboratory arrangements.
  • Medicine availability.
  • Medicine delivery.
  • Record of every patient with proper privacy.

You all will be familiar with the traditional medical system of Pakistan which brings only worry when you are already suffering from the natural cause. So, by keeping our dear patients in mind we have come to the conclusion that there must be such system which will reduce patient’s half burden.

Sehat karwan will be bringing all medical facilities at your step all you have to do is dial a simple number. It includes all range of facilities from home based medical services by sehat karwan to home based nursing services by sehat karwan. Keeping in mind the ethnical issues, sehat karwan hired both male and female nurses so that those women who needs treatment only by female nurse will also get benefits from our forum. The services which we provide are best in town, we have best nursing services in Peshawar as well as best home based medical services in Peshawar. Nursing facilities for elders are a breakthrough in our system because for older individuals who are bedridden or are terminally ill; needs nursing facility on regular basis until they are fit to perform their daily day to day living.

Modern world needs modern solution and for that sehat karwan tried its best to provide all available and possible services to the people of Peshawar. Although Pakistan is a developing country but its people has an equal right on all the modern health facilities so that SDG3 could be fulfilled in order to decrease mortality rate in Pakistan.

Nadia Bibi Sarwar

About Nadia Bibi Sarwar

Nadia Bibi Sarwar is a freelance writer, speaker and founder of Sehat Karwan, an online service designed to facilitate the patients following ailments and local emergencies immediately. She is also working in person for women empowerment to give females the confidence to speak out for their rights, free them out from this reckoned male dominating society and to change the worn out customs of the society. She is a member of Global Shaper Peshawar Hub. She has been invited as a speaker nationally and internationally and spent her life in social and youth sector, serving the cream people of the nation. She won several leadership awards. She is the first Pakistani to win Best Speaker Award in Asia Pacific Future leader conference 2017 among 300 delegates from 30 different countries. She has a Doctorate degree from Khyber Medical University and bachelor’s degrees in Science from Hazara University Mansehra.

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